What is Flexor Technology?

For over 25 years Malarkey has been using SBS polymer technology (Flexor) to modify their asphalt roofing. But for those who are not shingle experts, they may not know what that is or how that benefits them. So what exactly is Flexor Technology?

Flexor Technology adds strength and flexibility to the Malarkey shingles and also fortifies the surface of the shingles. This is a huge benefit as it means that these shingles are flexible in extreme temperatures, down to 0° F (-18°C), allowing for cold weather installation. The shingles also received a Class 4 impact resistant protection rating, the highest rating possible, being able to withstand a simulation of hailstones impacting a roof at 90 mph!

Flexor Technology is included in a variety of Malarkey products. It can be found in Windsor shingles, Legacy shingles, EZ Ridge (ridge cap) and additional products. In addition to Flexor, Malarkey products also can come with Scotchgard protection, which protects shingles from the growth of algae.

At Jeremy Dumanovsky Roofing we install high quality and durable products and this is one of the reason we recommend Malarkey products in our selection. If you would like to get additional information on Malarkey or another brand of shingles, please contact us by clicking here or by calling 503-540-9898.

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