FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

checkmark25pxHow long does it take to get an estimate? 
Usually 1-3 days.


checkmark25pxHow long does it take to install a roof?
It takes approximately 1-4 days depending on the size and type of project, but you can be sure we will work continuously on your project until complete.


checkmark25pxDo I need to move my vehicles?
Vehicles near the building will usually need to be moved away. Driveway should be kept clear to allow for access for the dump truck and delivery of materials.


checkmark25pxWill there be a dumpster/drop box? 
No. We will use a dump truck that can be moved away from the building at the end of each day.


checkmark25pxHow do I choose my color?
We have sample boards, brochures, pictures of roofs completed, as well as addresses of completed projects in your area to see what the roof looks like installed.


checkmark25pxDo you offer senior discounts? 
Absolutely. Be sure to let us know if you are over 55 so we can include a discount in your estimate.


checkmark25pxDo you provide a warranty?
Yes. Your new roof comes with our workmanship warranty as well as the manufacturers material warranty. Please ask us for details.


checkmark25pxWhat about clean up? 
We dispose of all the old roofing material. We protect your plants and landscaping.We provide complete job site clean up. We will also use a magnet to clean up any nails, screws, etc.