It is a known fact that all roofs need to be maintained and cleaned. Especially living in an area that is known for having large trees, lush landscapes and plenty of rain. Over time your roof will be subjected to debris from trees and leaves as well as growth of algae, which will lead to moss. To prevent your roof from getting damaged and leaking prematurely, it is essential to have your roof cleaned and maintained. Jeremy Dumanovsky Roofing will be glad to provide you with a free estimate, we can even include you in our annual maintenance schedule.

What is involved in Moss Cleaning? There are two steps.

  1. Moss Treatment – First, the moss removal ‘powder’ has to be spread out over the roof. It is best to do this before rain is predicted. The rain will help in coating the roof with the ‘powder’.
  2. Moss Removal and cleaning – Two weeks after applying the moss treatment and after it has rained, we will come back out to ‘brush’ off the moss and clean the debris from your roof.

In addition to the free estimate, we can provide a detailed inspection of your roof for a small cost. A detailed inspection will let you know any problem areas that need to be fixed immediately and offer suggestions on maintaining, repairs or even if a new roof is recommended.

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