Metal Roofing Solutions

Featuring Bruce & Dana Standing Seam Snap Lock Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing can be a very wise choice for your roof. Metal Roofing is very low maintenance, typically has a minimum of 50 years of life, and has a Class A fire rating.

There are ongoing financial benefits of Metal Roofing which include energy savings and yearly savings on homeowners insurance.

Metal Roofing is storm resistant with a 90mph wind uplift rating and when you eventually do replace your roof. Metal Roofing is 100% recyclable.

We use Bruce & Dana Metal Roofing Products

Metal Roof ProjectThe Bruce & Dana Roofing Products come with a 35 year non pro-rated material warranty provided by the manufacturer (please ask for details or see manufacturers website). These Metal Roof materials are custom made (in the USA) to fit your roofing specs. They have a 50+ year life and are low maintenance. Pictured above is a completed project that we did that involved standing seam snap lock metal roofing.

bruce and dana website
For More Information visit the Manufacturer’s Website:

Benefits of metal roofing include:

  • 35 Year Manufacturers Warranty (please ask for details or see manufacturers website)
  • Custom made in the USA to fit your exact roofing specs
  • A 50+ Year Life with Low Maintenance
  • Potential tax savings (consult your tax advisor)
  • Energy Star rated
  • Fastener screws are not exposed to weather

Bruce & Dana Metal Roofing Color Choices:

Metal Roofing Color - whiteMetal Roofing Color - gray

Metal Roofing Color - brownMetal Roofing Color - charcoalMetal Roofing Color - forest_green

Metal Roofing Color - greenMetal Roofing Color - desert_brown




There may be more colors available, please contact us for current color choices and more information