Keeping Your Roof Clean in the Winter

The fall and winter season is upon us again! While maintaining your roof is important year round, winter can be the most important time to clean off your roof and gutters. Even if your roof was cleaned during the dry summer months; leaves, pine needles and other debris can accumulate on your roof during the rainy season of the Pacific Northwest. This debris can allow water to pool up and cause your roof to leak. The same debris can pile up in your gutters and, during any freezing weather, can cause some damage to fascia and other areas of your home if not properly cared for in time.

So what can a homeowner do? Regular inspections are a great start. And while roof maintenance is something you can do yourself, you may want to call a roofing professional to come out and clean your roof and gutters. Having a professional do the work is important because they will know the best procedures to use to protect your shingles from wear during the cleaning process.

If you need a roof cleaning, give Jeremy Dumanovsky Roofing a call. Our estimates are free of charge and you will meet directly with the owner to have your questions answered. You can also request a free estimate by Clicking Here. Make sure to ask about our annual roof maintenance program! We look forward to speaking with you soon!