The Dos and Don’ts of Roof Cleaning

Before we know it, fall and winter will be moving in on us. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we realize that means falling leaves, rain and algae building up on our roofs. We know that for homeowners it is important to maintain and clean your roof. However, if done improperly, doing so could potentially cause damage or even void your shingle warranty. So what are the dos and don’ts of roof cleaning? We put together basic information for you from various shingle manufacturers so you can get the best care for your roof.

  1. Remember, first and foremost, for any roof project, it is best to contact your roofing professional for their assistance.
  2. Avoid unnecessary foot traffic. The surface granules of your shingles provide the appearance of your roof, but also cover and protect the core asphalt from harmful ultraviolet light. Excessive scuffing, from walking on your roof, will shorten the useful life of the roof.
  3. Verify your downspouts are connected to a gutter below.
  4. Algae and Moss grow on roofs in our moist environment, especially if roof debris, such as leaves or pine needles, are allowed to accumulate. You can remove the debris by gently sweeping the roof or using a leaf blower or a similar non-abrasive method.
  5. Periodic roof cleaning may be needed to remove any algae or moss. There are cleaning solutions that can be applied and then removed, with the moss, at a later date. This should not be done using a power washer so as to protect the granules in the shingles. It is best to hire a roofing professional to have this done.
  6. Never apply paints or coatings to your shingles.
  7. Safety must be the first priority when working on a roof. Observe every necessary precaution, safety guideline, and safe work practice. The best option is to contact your roofing professional.

Jeremy Dumanovsky Roofing offers a maintenance plan that can assist you in caring for your roof, we would be glad to discuss the details with you and sign you up.

A few have asked us if there is a general maintenance checklist they could use to care for their roof. Below we have outlined things to look for each year to insure a well-cared for roof.


  1. Inspect your exterior walls for leaks and staining.
  2. Check for signs of leaks or deterioration on your interior roof deck.
  3. Ceilings should be checked for signs of leaks as well as interior walls.
  4. Inspect the roofs edge and the fascia boards for deterioration.
  5. HVAC – check duct work, housings, condensate lines and pipes. Inspect the sheet metal cabinets and gaskets as well as the base/tie-in.
  6. Clear all gutters, downspouts, scuppers. Clean out drains and verify drains are working properly. Remove all debris.
  7. For metal roofs- inspect for signs of movement, check attachment and repair as necessary. Paint any rusted metal and re-caulk as necessary.


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Photo 2

A roof that needs maintenance.


–          Jeremy Dumanovsky Roofing